Short cabinet | Rosewood

The shape of the Rosewood low cabinet is simple and simple in shape. From ancient times to the present, Rosewood furniture has been beautiful in Ming Dynasty. It takes its characteristics of “advocating nature” and “adapting to nature”, and fully shows the linear lines of Rosewood. The Ming and cultural shock in the Ming Dynasty talked about the furniture design in “The Long Treasures”, thinking that the furniture was “Ning Gu is all the time, Ning Puwoqiao”, the more retro and simple. It can be immersed in culture and years. The Rosewood low cabinet is simple and pure. The two drawers are paired with a door door, which only outlines the noble and elegant of classical furniture with lines, showing the feelings of mystery. Nowadays, the wind of furnishings has gradually risen. As the “first yellow in the world” in the wood industry, Rosewood Furniture is accompanied by a good worker and then adds to Kuolu.