Six-person round table | Rosewood

The whole family is gathered on the dining table to taste the steaming meals and spend three meals and four seasons each year. Rosewood furniture belongs to the highest specifications of furniture in the Qing Dynasty. The materials and craftsmanship are the best in the world. Unfortunately, after a century-old turbulence after experiencing the Opium War, most of the furniture of the Ming and Qing dynasties was damaged and displaced. Less than 10,000 left. These two sets of Rosewood dining tables are presented in a six-person round table. The “circle” represents a group of harmony and reunion. For the Chinese, they have the meaning of family success, happiness, and joy. When they are elegant, they can be complicated, bold, and noble; when they are simple, they can go to simplify and return to the truth. No matter what form, they are retro and beautiful, adding warm emotions. Rosewood furniture is like the blood relationship in the world. It can be unable to find it. Its materials are heavy and extremely scarce; the workmanship is extremely rare. The family can reunite at the table. It exhibits elegant feelings and parent-child tenderness!