Snail -shaped bird cage | Red Sandalwood

Bird cages are the main venues for ornamental birds, which can play a key role in adding interest and interest. A good bird cage can not only make birds watching a happy life, but also instantly enhance the taste of the surrounding environment. The “snail-shaped bird cage” made of rosewood is square, with high-end design, and the details everywhere reflect the care of the birds. The outside of the bird cage is specially dotted with bright and delicate shells to increase the style of the bird cage to the arts and crafts level. There are both the nobles of the upper class and the elegance of literati. As the atmosphere of high-end wenwan, bird cages have become popular since ancient times. Many of them have emerged endlessly, and they are valuable. Especially during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the production of court bird cages has reached its heyday, with practical and artistic beauty. The front yard of the palace of the concubine, the queen, and the emperor can be seen everywhere.