Songhe Chengxiang | Indian Red Sandalwood

“Song He Cheng Xiang” is the best way to congratulate relatives and friends on “longevity”. The pine tree is evergreen and immortal, even after countless winters and colds, it still stands tall and is the most tenacious representative of plants. Crane bird has been known as a first-class bird since ancient times. Its blood is precious and scarce. Legend has it that it can fly straight to the sky and sing high-pitched and loud tunes in the sky. It is the symbol of the most pure birth among birds. Both pine trees and crane birds are very spiritual. In Taoist concepts, they can bring immortality, so that the fate can withstand the hardships of wind and frost, and also welcome auspiciousness and elegance. When the pine and cranes are in harmony, it is to wish relatives and friends eternal youth, long life, and health, and always enjoy the most beautiful fruits of life.