Songshan Yunhaimi Portrait | Pink Porcelain

Pine Mountain is densely forested, towering into the clouds. The clouds are shrouded in mist, like a fairyland. “Looking for Fortune in the Clouds and Seas of Songshan” was created by Master Zhang Songmao, depicting a fairyland full of blessings. On the pure white porcelain, the green plateau is one after the other, and there are mountains outside the mountains, forming a feng shui battle of “noble people help each other”. This mountain forest seems to be in the clouds from a distance, but from a closer look, there are several antique pavilions hidden in the mountains. There is also a staircase going up to the blue clouds. Tourists are here in threes and threes, lingering and forgetting to return. In addition, “Pine Mountains and Clouds Seeking Fortune” also contains waterfalls representing rolling wealth, thousand-year-old pine meaning eternal green, plus the treasure-like flowers on the top and bottom of the bottle, lotus meaning holy and auspicious, and the zigzag pattern meaning continuous wealth and wealth, the overall interpretation is that A lifetime of good fortune, longevity is boundless.