Squared Corners Treasures Pavilion | Flower rosewood inlaid

Fangjiao Duobao Pavilion is both a square cabinet and a Dopao Pavilion, which is the fine and heavy instruments in the cabinet. The square cabinet belongs to the more common types of traditional Chinese furniture. The most obvious feature is that the body is straight and straight. Each part is four or four squares, giving a sense of rules, stability, and dignity. Therefore, it also has a very funny name It is called “a book” because the entire cabinet looks like a Chinese -style wooden book. Duobao Pavilion is a shelf used to furnish antique, which can create different visual effects.       

Little leaf rosewood inlaid “Fangjiao Duobao Pavilion” gathers two characteristics. The upper part is like Duobao Pavilion. The first floor has three square belt door doors, and there are two rectangular cabinet doors on the second floor. In front of these transparent glass, the decorative scenery jumped out. Then the lower part is the shape of the two cabinets and two drawings. The door of the cabinet is inlaid, and the gorgeous and beautiful patterns are discharged. It penetrates an elegant and restrained temperament.