Storage box (large) | Zhangmu

Storage boxes were called trunks in ancient times, and were essential large boxes and boxes of furniture for officials, giants, Yinshang and other powerful families. There is a big box in a big house. In the room of the master and the wife, or in the carriage of the young master, you often see this big box that can be placed still and can be moved. The box is used to store high-end clothing such as official uniforms, silk, and velvet that are prone to wrinkling. It can also store books, calligraphy and paintings, land deed stamps, gold and silver jewelry and other collectibles. The camphor wood box naturally emits a delicate fragrance, the aroma is special and strong, and it lasts for a long time. It smells strong and boosts blood pressure, which makes us breathe smoothly and refresh our mind. Immerse yourself in the Chinese-style beauty life with peace of mind.