Taufik Rahman

Taufik Rahman, born in Luoshui County, East Java, Indonesia in 1975, is an excellent self-taught painter. Taufik Rahman has a high degree of mastery of line technology and is known for his Long Strokes. From faint and soft lines to bright and bold strokes, Taufik Rahman can move smoothly through straight lines, flexibly and expressively. It displays the demeanor of various characters, birds and mythical beasts, and at the same time stimulates the imagination of every connoisseur. In the complex and novel line changes and color matching, one can feel the unique historical and cultural background of Indonesia. Taufik Rahman’s creative themes are closely related to Indonesian society, from Bali’s lion-shaped animal “Barong” to Indonesia’s traditional dance “Kuda Lumping”. Its content is colorful and unique. In 2017, he was selected as the recipient of the annual Art Award by the World Contemporary Artists Organisation.