Thousand Buddha cards | Rosewood

Fodu has a predestined relationship. Thousands of Buddhas transcend sentient beings.

The tall thousand Buddha statues are quiet and solemn. Buddha is in the middle of the upper position. Behind is accompanied by Buddha’s light, and the surrounding Buddhas are full of tranquil and peaceful Buddhas around him.       

Under the eyes of Qianfo, a monk held a turning wheel with a rotary, looking up and looking forward to looking up, as if everyone in the world in the world was seeking a hint of answers, but I did not know that the Buddha had long been blessed in our hearts in our hearts. As soon as you only arrive, you will be blessed to the soul and realize the true meaning of the Dharma.       

The transition in the hands of the monk is a prayer tool, engraved the six-character mantra, and set the axis to the scriptures. Anyone can accumulate merit and clean the evil karma. If you want to pray for the health of your family, as long as you worship and reverse the economy sincerely, you can see the thousands of Buddhas and cultivate all the blessings.