Tongzi Play Maitreya | Red Sandalwood

Maitreya Buddha, carved from the ancient treasure “Ruyi”, has a big belly and smiles from ear to ear. He sits in the middle and plays with many children. The children are innocent and lovely, full of energy, some hide in the head of wishful ganoderma lucidum and play quietly, and play with lucky tokens such as fans, money bags, gourds, etc. Wealth and glory, success and fame.

Some of the more daring children have already run to Maitreya Buddha, playing ingots, or scratching their itch. Some even climbed on Maitreya Buddha with Lingzhi, bronze mirrors, copper coin strings, rattles, etc. to attract his attention. The whole picture Playful and lively, full of warm family atmosphere. In this room, even if Maitreya Buddha is played by a group of children, he will not be angry at all. He smiles cheerfully and has an approachable aura, which shows the Buddha’s tolerance to human beings, and also reflects Maitreya Buddha’s kindness and open-minded disposition to people. If you have the chance to recruit this “boy play Maitreya” into your home, you can bless the family with great joy and smiles, and blessings will come from all directions.