Treasure Chest | Big Red Rosewood inlaid with Treasures

The treasure chest has always been well liked by everyone from all strata of life. They will definitely treasure a treasure chest and store jewelry such as jewelry. In the famous novel “Du Shi Niang’s Angry and Sinking Treasure Box”, it also reflects the profound literary meaning of the treasure box, praising Du Shiniang to criticize the feudal etiquette and adhere to the inner dignity. It can be seen that the treasure box is not just a simple boudoir, but a symbol of women’s morality.       

The texture of the big red rosewood is clear, the texture is red with black, and the classic pattern of the craftsman’s careful relief, which makes this treasure chest look antique. The surface of the box is inlaid with a picture of the Taiping, means that the four seas are rising and the auspicious Ruyi. In addition, various valuable materials such as ivory, jade, and corals are also utilised, revealiing a luxurious yet restrained manner.