Treasures Pavilion | Old Rosewood

The room is full of books, the cold wind blows outside, and the temperature inside is pleasant. The moonlight in the full window reflects several volumes of poetry and books, and the cultural atmosphere is scattered in the room, bypassing a set of classical tables and chairs, and staying in front of the calm and elegant Laohuali Baibao Pavilion. Dream back to the dynasty. Baibao Pavilion arose in the Qing Dynasty and was recognized as one of the most Qing-style furniture. At that time, led by Emperor Qianlong, collecting antiques became a popular fashion among nobles. “Thrive.

This is a furniture used to display and display collections. Its shape is like ancient lofts. There are doors and windows, drawers, and terraces. Essence It is based on the theme of “Hundred Birds Chao Phoenix” and “Fable Fables”. It is carved on the scattered cabinet doors and railings. Elapse the lively and novel artistic conception. Among them, each door door seems to have the Qian Kun inside. Perhaps at the moment of hidden, hundreds of treasures have been stored, so that people look up at each time, or open the door of the cabinet, there are unexpected surprises.