Western Three Holy | Agarwood

The Three Saints of the West: Amitabha Buddha, Da Shizhi Bodhisattva on the left side, and Guanyin Bodhisattva on the right side, and they are also called the three enlightened persons in the Western Paradise. The Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva representing “compassion” and the Mahasattva Bodhisattva representing “Happy Shelter” combine the “four immeasurable hearts” to help people escape from the sea of suffering and embrace joy. It can be seen that long-term worship of the three saints in the West will surely accumulate blessings in life and have a good ending.

Agarwood is a rare material with full of aura and is blessed by nature. Using it to sculpt into Buddha statues can make the surrounding magnetic field energy boundless and enhance the spirituality of Buddhism. Amitabha Buddha took the establishment of the Western Pure Land and eradication of evil karma as his mission; the two Bodhisattvas searched everywhere to save the suffering. If the Three Saints of the West are close to one’s side, all kinds of bloody disasters can be easily resolved, every day will be smooth and smooth, and everything will be perfect and beautiful.