Wufu Linmen | Thuja

After a long period of precipitation, the authentic old-fashioned cypress arborvitae naturally exudes a simple, and elegant atmosphere. With it, the Wufu Maitreya Buddha is carefully carved, and the image is vivid. They scatter around in different postures, and their brows are full of kindness and serenity as if they are admiring the peaceful and prosperous world where the people live and work in peace and contentment.

“Book of Classics Hongfan Chapter” records: “The first five blessings are longevity, the second is wealth, the third is wellness, the fourth is good morality, and the fifth is the end of life.” Those who are rich are wealthy and respectable; those who are healthy are healthy and peaceful; those who cultivate virtue have a good heart and benevolent outsiders; It can be seen that if the family can receive the blessings of Maitreya Buddha, it means that there will be auspicious signs in all aspects of life, everything will be perfect, and in the long run, it will protect future generations to live a smooth, happy and worry-free life.