Wufu Linmen | Thuja

In the traditional Chinese customs, when there is a festival or a happy event, you can often hear relatives and friends around you bring the blessings of “three stars and five blessings”. logo. This whole set of “Five Blessings” is based on ancient meanings, representing “longevity”, “wealth”, “wellness”, “good morality” and “good death”, implying a perfect and perfect life.

As the so-called “thousand-year-old pine, ten-thousand-year-old cypress”, the cypress has been regarded as a symbol of eternity since ancient times. It was carefully carved into five smiling, lively, and vivid lucky stars by the hands of famous teachers. , Every bad thing turns into good luck, and both blessings and wisdom are repaired. In addition, the essence of the material is delicate, oily, and clean, which is not only conducive to viewing but also has high decorative and collection value.