Wulong Guanyin | Indonesia Agarwood

Wulong Guanyin revealed the Dharma in the midst of the five-headed dragons. But seeing the dignified and compassionate look of Master Guanyin, holding a willow in his left hand and a golden wheel of wishful thinking in his right, he appeared in the world together with the boy who served the good fortune on the left and the dragon king on the right. The supernatural powers are vast, enough to protect the four seas and the Taishan Mountains, turning all dangers into dangers, and surviving in desperation.

The willow branches and the wishful golden wheel symbolize the mercy and merit of Guanyin respectively. The willow grows in spring and swaying gently with the wind, representing the bodhisattva’s heart that warms people’s hearts like spring and nourishes all things. The golden wheel of wishful thinking is a Buddhist instrument. It can perform the supreme and wonderful Dharma to save all sentient beings while turning. In addition, Guanyin is surrounded by golden boys, jade girls, five dragons, etc., to assist Guanyin in subduing demons, subduing demons, and educating all beings. As a result, the “Five Dragons Avalokitesvara” is even more majestic.