Xiangyun incense cylinder | Indian Red Sandalwood

Decorated with auspicious clouds, the Indian small-leaf red sandalwood incense tube carved in hollow is full of the charm of Chinese civilization, simple and elegant.

In ancient times, the incense tube was an indoor appliance for purifying the air and an incense offering for sacrificial activities. It has developed into an ancient traditional handicraft, especially for incense lovers, because its value is not only limited to practical functions, but also includes production. Exquisite, exquisite workmanship of the external artistic expression.

Many incense sticks are carved with auspicious patterns. Among them, the pattern of auspicious clouds is a common cultural symbol in China, which means that auspicious clouds are surrounded by auspicious clouds, and life will have endless good things and a bright future. To.” Combined with the serenity of the incense, it also regulates the mind and spirituality invisibly, achieving the effect of both internal and external cultivation.