Yamana Yaqu | Red Sandalwood

“There are hundreds of flowers and autumn in spring, and there are snow in the summer.”

The Zen master Wumen Huikai in the Song Dynasty wrote this ancient sentence, which is the most simple truth of life. There are spring, summer, autumn, and winter in the four seasons of the year. The nature moves regularly with the changes of the seasons. In spring, a hundred flowers bloom, in autumn, there is a clear breeze and bright moon. When the troubles hang in my heart, I can naturally feel every subtle beauty around me and feel that every day is a good day.

As the saying goes: With a normal heart, there are beautiful scenery everywhere. Xiaoye Red Sandalwood’s “Elegance in the Mountains” depicts a secluded and contented scene in the mountains. Outside the hut, beside the stream, three friends gathered and chatted. When you are happy, open a good wine and talk freely about east, west, north, and south; when you are up, you can enjoy a lonely boat and swim in the sky and sea. It is a great pleasure in life to steal a half-day leisure in this small house with rolling hills and heavy trees.