Yellow Crane Tower | Rosewood

Huanghelou is an iconic building in Wuhan, China. It has been known as the “first floor of the world in the world” since ancient times. It and “Yueyang Tower” and “Tengwang Pavilion” are also known as the three famous buildings in Jiangnan. They are outstanding representatives of the characteristics of Chinese architecture.       

The yellow crane building is 5 floors high, and the cornice is suspended. It complements the wing corners on the side, stretching into a crane bird and bird’s wings. Looking at the vertical, the floor is like a crane wing extension in the overlapping stagnation room, so it is named “Yellow Crane Tower”. The graphic design of the high-rise building is an octagonal shape, which adopts the meaning of “four sides and eight directions”, which also gives people a sense of surprise. In the end, these layers of stacked and curled buildings gathered to the top of the top to spire, so that the entire yellow crane building has a magnificent momentum and a calm and restrained charm.       

The Yellow Crane Tower was built in the Three Kingdoms and was burned and rebuilt many times in the chaos of war. After the vicissitudes of the times, the darling of the literati and Kwaike’s pen, such as Cui Yan’s “Yellow Crane Tower”, Li Bai’s “Yellow Crane Tower Send Meng Hao Ran’s Guangling”, Yan Boli ” “Yellow Crane Tower” adds a strong emotional color to the Yellow Crane Tower. The folklore fairy is here to return to the west, which makes it the mysterious auspicious atmosphere of shares around the Yellow Crane Tower, which is extremely characteristic.