Yunlongxiang Tong | Rosewood

Gently light the agarwood, wake up the cloud-piercing dragon, and let it rise to the sky with smoke and fog, and watch the world with ease from now on. The qi of agarwood can be well connected to the three realms, establish the connection between people and the Buddha, and smoothly convey the sincere intentions to the sky, so as to obtain the tranquility of the primordial spirit and make everything go smoothly. The rosewood “Cloud Dragon Incense Tube” is carved with a cloud-piercing dragon to protect the fragrance. Its eyes are round, focusing on the center and looking straight ahead. The giant head breathes into clouds, making the auspicious clouds float around the flame-like hair, circling with fragrance. God, pass on the most sincere prayers in our hearts. Here, the dragon is the length of scale insect, good at change, can manipulate clouds and rain, can go to the sky during the spring equinox, and can dive into the abyss during the autumn equinox. No matter the sea of clouds, they can swim freely, implying that everything in life is going well, and the career is flexible and changeable. Bless us with good weather and good food and clothing for a lifetime.