Zhongtang Furniture (Four-piece Set) | Black Sandalwood

Zhongtang furniture is the highest-level symbol of civilized etiquette in home furnishings. The central hall is located in the middle of the house. Whenever guests step into the entrance, the first thing they see is the hall. The furniture in the center of the hall is undoubtedly the most conspicuous facade of the owner. It is not only what the guests can capture. The first impression is to represent the face and pomp of the host’s family, which can convey the grandeur of both grandeur and wealth.

The Zhongtang furniture carved by black and red sandalwood is composed of a “bar table”, a “Eight Immortals table” and a pair of “Tai Shi’s chairs”. temperament. In the whole set of furniture, no matter the backrest, armrests, or legs and feet are carefully carved with lively and mighty lions, it seems that the space is full of vitality and surprises. In addition, the heaviness of black red sandalwood makes the furniture sculpture more three-dimensional, showing the century-old calmness of the aristocratic family. When the protagonist sits on it and receives guests, the majestic aura will be faintly exuded even in chatting and laughing, which makes people admire. I am truly convinced of the character of both the theme and the Dulwich.