Zhongtang Furniture (four -piece set) | rosewood inlaid shell

The rosewood is inlaid with shell furniture, and the British colonial “Baili Niangjin” family has a particularly iconic building in the family.       

Baili Nyonya is born in Malaysia. He has received English education since he was a child. He is fluent in Chinese and English. Therefore, during the rule of British government, most of them are engaged in the national administrative and civil servants industry. Wealth and power have become the local prestigious and influential group.       

Baili Nyonya is a nobleman of the era. They have faces, knowledge, and wealth. Of course, the house layout is also very particular about gorgeous, especially for the middle hall of guests and greeting guests. status. At this time, owning a set of rosewood with “China Baroque” style inlaid shell furniture is undoubtedly the most suitable choice.       

The four-piece set in the central hall has a head-turning desk, a table of the Eight Immortals, and a pair of round stools. When the bright shells are fully inlaid on the rosewood, a complex and gorgeous carving style immediately infects the emotions, making people marvel at the power and wealth of the host. This set of furniture is made of thick materials and has a wide and deep carving area. The tables and chairs are carefully lined with traditional auspicious patterns such as bats, copper coins, plum blossoms, magpies, and deer, implying good expectations such as wealth, longevity, and good fortune. In addition, there are low-key and luxurious marbles on the plane as a foil, and some incense candles, Buddha statues, and antiques are placed on the surface, which immediately revitalizes the space, making this place for welcoming guests full of quiet elegance and solemnity. Qian Du can hold the scene and show his identity.