Zhongtang Furniture (four-piece set) | rosewood inlaid shell

The high-grade carved bird cages ingeniously carved from boxwood are based on the theme of “sea products”. No matter the cage top, cage frame, cage bars, cage doors, cage hooks, or cage rings, all of them use fine carving and hollowing techniques to bring the prosperity of the underwater world to life. represented on the birdcage. Many vivid and lively “fish, shrimp, and crab” patterns are scattered around the birdcage, forming simple and mysterious totems, showing the stability and luxury of distant nobles, implying a peaceful and prosperous age and a great harvest. The boxwood carved birdcage is a combination of architecture and woodcarving art, which perfectly reflects the high-quality collection value. Its temperament is complex and gorgeous, its skills are superb, and its materials are rare and precious. It exudes a high-profile luxury from the inside out. It can definitely show aristocratic elegance when placed in the courtyard to enjoy.